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Department of Theatre Studies


Teaching Fellow

Office 818, 8th floor, School of Philosophy

Contact Hours: Tuesday 10:00-12:00
Phone: +210-7277384
E-mail: katkarra[at]theatre.uoa[dot]gr


Katerina Karra is a member of the Department of Theatre Studies, University of Athens since 2020. She has got a Phd in Theatre Studies and a BA in Theatre Studies and a BA in Greek Literature. She is also a graduate from National School of Public Administration.  

Her research interests focus on Modern Greek theatre history (19th-20th centuries), with an emphasis on comedy plays, archives, and theatre historiography. She speaks English, German, and French.



2020-today Teaching fellow of the Department of Theatre Studies, University of Athens (in B.A. courses ““Greek comedy plays in the 20th century”, “European Dramaturgy between 1880-1940”, “Greek archives and manuscripts of theatre plays”, “Metropole and Perifery: Theatre outside Athens in Greece” (4 semesters).

2016-2019 Adjunct Lecturer of the Department of Theatre Studies, University of Patras (in B.A. courses: “Greek comedy plays in the 20th century”, “The theatre of Iakovos Kambanellis”, “Problems and Methods of Modern Greek theatre historiography” (6 semesters).

2001-2020 Full-time state teacher. Primary subject: Greek Language and Literature, History. Secondary subject: Theatre Studies.



“The Kosta’s Papageorgiou ‘archive-theatre library’ at the National Library of Greece. Introduction and catalogue of manuscripts”, Skene, vol. 10 (2018).

“Theatrical Programs of Lefteris Voyiatzis’ Nea Skini”, Proceedings of the Conference "The Greek Theatrical Brochure from the 19th to the 21st Century", UOA, January 2019 (in print)

“The Making of a Role. Theatre education in Athens during the German Occupation of the country (1941-1944)", Proceedings of 4th European Conference on Modern Greek Studies, Lund Sweden, October 2018.

“Democracy in crisis: representation of the politician in modern Greek comedies; from Educating Daddy by Spyros Mellas to Von Dimitrakis by Dimitris Psathas”, Contribution in 5th Greek Theatrological Conference: Theatre and Democracy, UOA, 5-8.11.2014, Ergo, Athens 2018 p. 661-668.

 “Lights in Performance: prompt books as an overlooked but valuable archive record”, Proceedings of the Conference for the 20th Anniversary of the Postgraduate Studies Degree of the Department of Theater Studies, School of Philosophy, University of Athens, Sources of Research in Modern Greek Theatre Studies, April 2017.

 “Comedy plays of the period 1936-1944 as a field for the study of cultural changes”, in K. Dimadis (ed.) Proceedings of 5th European Conference on Modern Greek Studies “Continuity, discontinuity, rupture in the Greek world (1202-2014): economy, society history, literature”, vol. D, European Society for Modern Greek Studies, Athens 2015, p. 105-114. 

“Theatre critique in 20th century Athens; the case of Konstantinos Christomanos” in Proceedings of 13th International Scientific Conference in honour of Panagiotis Moullas, “Modern Greek Literature and Critique; from Enlightenment to Present Day”, Sokolis, Athens, 2014, p. 284-287.



 The Representation of the ‘Other’ in Comedy Plays by Sakellarios-Giannakopoulos right after the German Occupation; Political Identity and Otherness”, Contribution in 6th Greek Theatrological Conference, Nafplion 2017.

 Science and theatre: The scientist in modern Greek plays of the 20th century”, First International Conference “Science and Literature”, National Research Institute, Athens, July 9-11,2014.   



1999 -2002: Scholarship as postgraduate student from the State Scholarships Foundation (IKY), 1993-1997: Labour Union scholarship for outstanding achievement during BA studies at the Department for Theatre Studies, 1990 Erasmus scholarship (Freie Universitaet Berlin)



  1. Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Theatre Studies, UOA: Theatrical manuscripts collection from the archive of Kostas Papageorgiou the Athenian at the National Library of Greece.
  2. Digitalisation and Documentation Project for the Manuscript Collection of Alekos Lidorikis and Alekos Sakellarios. Theatre Studies Department of Patras University
  3. Scientific Advisor in Digital Educational Metacommentary of Digital material (Institute of Educational Policy, Action D.2.2/ Subproject 12:, (digital commentary of 200 documents)



2000-2002: Lefteris’ Voyiatzis Nea Skini Theatre Company, Archive, Publications Editor.

1997-1999: National Theatre of Northern Greece, Department of Publications and Dramaturgy.