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Department of Theatre Studies



Office 727, 7th floor, School of Philosophy
Phone: 210-7277927 
E-mail: tdimi[at]theatre.uoa[dot]gr
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She studied Classics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Modern Greek and French Literature at Sorbonne -Paris IV University and Translation and Digital Technologies at Panteion University. She has taught translation theory and practice for fifteen years at School of French at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and directs the master in Digital Humanities at Hellenic Open University. She has served as Director of the National School of Public Administration and Local Government; National Coordinator of the Association of French-speaking Universities (AUF); Director of the Laboratory for Digital Humanities "PSIFIS" of the Faculty of Philosophy at Aristotle University; member of the Board of the national infrastructure of language resources and technologies CLARIN:EL and scientific coordinator of the same infrastructure, as well as of the national infrastructure for digital humanities and arts and language technology and innovation Apollonis.

She is a reviewer for national and international institutions, publishing houses and Greek and foreign scientific journals, member of Greek and international scientific societies and member of the editorial board of the scientific journals Comparison/Comparaisonand Syn-Thèses. As a translator, she has worked with the EU institutions and various organizations and with many publishing houses and as a literary critic with print and electronic newspapers and magazines in Greece and abroad. She has been a member of the editorial board of various literary magazines and since 2011 she has been co-directing the magazine Τa Piitika.

Her publications concern literature, translation and digital humanities. She has been awarded by the French Republic with the decorations of Officer and Knight of the Order of the Academic Phoenix.


Recent publications



  1. (with Dionysis Goutsos and Georgia Fragaki), Introduction to Digital Humanities. a practical guide. Athens, Kardamitsa, 2023 [in Greek].  
  2. Translation and memory. Translation as memory and memory in translation. Athens, Govostis, 2021 [in Greek].
  3. The poet K. G. Papageorgiou. Athens, Govostis, 2021 [in Greek]. 
  4. Yorgos Markopoulos. Athens, Govostis, 2019 [in Greek].


Open academic editions

  1. (with K. Tiktopoulou), Digital Literary Studies, Athens2015. Available at:  
  2. (with G. Kentrotis), Literary translation. Theory and practice, Athens2015. Available at:   
  3. (with Simos Grammenidis, Evangelos Kourdis, Elpida Loupaki and George Floros), Interdisciplinary approaches to translation, Athens, 2015. Available at:


Publications in edited volumes, conference proceedings and scientific journals

  1.  «Rewriting the speech and myth of Ancient Greek drama». In Alexia Papakosta  (ed.), Values of Ancient Greek Theatre Across Space & Time: Cultural Heritage and Memory, Athens, National and Kapodistrian University, 2023, 71-78, [in Greek].
  2.  “Post-dramatic mediaturgy in translation: the trials of technotexts”. In Loukia Kostopoulou and Vasiliki Misiou (eds), NewPaths in Theatre Translation and Surtitling. London and New York, Routledge, 2023, 71-94.
  3. «Computer-assisted textual analysis: new perspectives in interpretation». In Petros Petridis (ed.), Digital Humanities in Greece:  Concerns and challenges,  2023, [in Greek].   
  4. “Ecological concerns in contemporary Modern Greek short fiction”. In Monika Albrecht und Anastasia Antonopoulou (eds), Anthropogene Klima- und Umweltkrisen. Griechisch-deutsche Beiträge zu Ecocriticism und Environmental Humanities. Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag, 2022, 105-120.
  5. “Corpora and Literary Translation”. In Riccardo Moratto, Defeng Li (eds), Advances in Corpus Applications in Literary and Translation Studies. London and New York: Routledge, 2022, 103-118.
  6. (with Evangelos Kourdis), « État des lieux de la traductologie grecque ». In Florence Lautel-Ribstein et Olivier Dorlin (dir.), État des lieux de la traductologie dans le monde, Paris, Classiques Garnier, 2022,  291-343.
  7.  «Τransferts culturels franco-helléniques en période de crise : les traductions dans les revues Nea Estia et Elefthera Grammata (1945-1951) ». In Lucile Arnoux-Farnoux et Ourania Polykandrioti (dir.), Le double voyage. Paris – Athènes (1945-1975), Athènes, École Française d’Athènes, 2022, 299-316,   . 
  8.  «Corpora in literary research”, Σύγκριση/Comparaison/Comparison, 31, 2022, 160-184, [in Greek]. 
  9. «Melpo Axioti in France. New evidence”, Σύγκριση/Comparaison/Comparison, 30, 2021, 35-69, [in Greek].
  10. «Yorgis Simiriotis as translator: a sociography sketch”, Σύγκριση/Comparaison/Comparison, 29, 2020, 16-69, [in Greek].     
  11. (with Alexandros Kazamias), «Gender and Diaspora in Late Ottoman Egypt: The case of Greek women translators». In Marilyn Booth (ed.), Migrating texts. Circulating Translations around the Eastern Mediterranean, Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, 2019, 151-192,
  12.  «Le parcours de Louis Aragon en Grèce et en grec. Une rencontre à venir?» In Erwan Caulet, Corinne Grenouillet & Patricia Principalli (dir.), Aragon à l’international, “Recherches croisées Elsa Triolet/Aragon » no16. Strabsourg, Presses Universitaires de Strasbourg, 2018, 121-146.
  13. “From antiheroes to new realism. French and Italian crime fiction in the 20th and 21th century”, Perspectives. Studies in Translatology, thematic issue “Translating popular culture”, Federico Zanettin and Diana Bianchi (Eds.), vol. 26, 6, 2018, 809-823,

For the full list of publications, see: