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Department of Theatre Studies


ERASMUS+ Programme

Incoming students

For more information about the Erasmus Programme press here.

For any inquiries please e-mail Ass.Professor Varzelioti Gogo, responsible for the Erasmus program for the Department of Theatre Studies.


Stay In Athens is a platform where each foreign Erasmus student has the ability to choose and rent the apartment best suited for him for a short-time period. All the apartments have the necessary furnishings and all electrical equipment needed during their stay. Our prices include all expenses and the use of the Internet to make their living in Athens easier and not to stress over the bills (electricity, water etc).

How do «Stay in Αthens» services operate?

StayInAthens operates through a dynamic site which presents houses for rent, but in practice manages a student from the first moment that arrives in Athens until his return to his country:

  • We communicate (via telephone and e-mails) with the student who is about to come to Athens and solve all the questions about the reservation system and other information relating to his life in Athens.
  • Students are provided with all the necessary information on how to reach our office. Once they arrive in the office, we have a chance to welcome them, give them our welcome pack (touristic material etc) and of course provide them with the key to their new homes. After that our driver drives the students to their new residence.
  • During the students’ stay, from the very start until the end, we deal with any kind of problem that they might face with the home, the landlord or anything else related to health or a serious issue by helping them to find a solution or by solving the problem ourselves.

All of the above would not be possible without the voluntary contribution of all the members of Erasmus student clubs, international student organization AIESEC and our partners for Greek language courses. Furthermore, this network could not have been created without the patience of the owners and their compliance with our requirements.