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Department of Theatre Studies


The Department of Theatre Studies, for the time being, does not provide specialisation on specific fields. However, parallel to the obligatory courses, which form the basis of their education, there is a satisfying variety of optional courses as well as obligatory courses offering options on when to attend them, to enable the students to formulate a personal programme, according to their individual interests parallel to the obligatory courses, which form the basis of their education. The degree awarded is uniform and of an academic nature. Despite the fact that the Department of Theatre Studies has included in its curriculum courses on directing, scenography and costume, acting and improvisation et al., and strengthens the students contact with theatre praxis, it does not offer systematic practical education for professional training of actors, directors, set designers etc., as its mission is the foundation and cultivation of theatre education and the promotion of the theatre studies discipline. The students that seek substantial practical training are referred to Drama Schools, which provide the relevant training.

Its Curriculum includes courses from other Departments, while it offers courses to other Departments of the School.

The studies in the Department of Theatre Studies run for eight semesters. The academic year is divided in two semesters, the fall and the spring one. Pertinent details are determined by the Curriculum of each academic year in collaboration with other Departments. The Curriculum can be altered by the Department General Assembly.