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Department of Theatre Studies


Since 1990, the Department has organised, independently or in collaboration with other organizations, a great number of conferences, cultural meetings and symposia. Seminars and/or individual lectures have also been organized or patronized, as non-strictly academic activities. Moreover, the Department has organised two exhibitions, for scenery and costumes of ancient drama performances, and for dance and dance groups. It has organized and permanently directs the European Network of Research and Documentation of Performances of Ancient Greek Drama (Arc-Net), which collaborates with 20 European Universities, while it has participated in a number of research and educational programs.

The members of the teaching staff have written and published a great number of autonomous books. Their publications on academic journals, collective volumes, conference proceedings etc. rise above 1500. Those publications are referred to in the international and Greek bibliography and exceed 8000 (excluding self-reference). Moreover, around 1000 book reviews and book presentations have been published.

The Department publications consist mainly of the 14 volumes of Parabasis. Journal of the Department of Theatre Studies of the University of Athens. Parabasis publishes only research papers and (theatre studies) book reviews. The submitted papers are subjected to peer review. From volume 12 onwards, Parabasis is published electronically and is accessible through the Department website. Moreover, from the 12th volume onwards, it comprises two volumes, one of them in foreign languages. By now, a number of older volumes has been digitalized and can be read in the respective section of the site. There is also a number of smaller volumes on specific subjects. The increasing frequency of the newly published volumes as well as the submitted papers and the bulk of each volume, obviously prove the dynamic of theatre studies academic research and the usefulness of this publishing enterprise, which is realised by the financial support of Kostas and Eleni Ourani’s Foundation.