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Department of Theatre Studies



Herod, Or, The slaughter of the infants: Christmas religious drama of unknown poet in blanc verse from the Cyclades during the period of Counter-Reformation. Criticaledition with introduction, notes and glossary Walter Puchner. Editor: J. Vivilakis, Parabasis. Texts 1. Athens: Kastaniotis, 1998, 221 p.

This critical edition is part of the efforts of restoration of religious theatre in the Aegean during the 17th and 18th centuries.


DaphneHonorary volume for Spyros EvangelatosEdition: J. Vivilakis, Athens, Theatre Studies Department, Ergo 2001. 406 p.

Kyriaki Petrakoy. The Impact of the Neo-Greek Theatre Abroad. Translations – Productions. Athens: Theatre Studies Department, Ergo 2005. 174 p.

A catalogue of translations and production of neo-Greek plays abroad.


Honorary volume for Walter Puchner. Editor: J. Vivilakis, Athens: Theatre Studies Department, Ergo 2007. 1432 p.

For Agnes: postscript. Volume in memoriam of assistant professor Agnes T. Mouzenidou. Editors: Κ. Georgakaki-Eva Stephani, Athens: Theatre Studies Department, Ergo 2008. 208 p.

The first part consists of testimonies of school mates, collaborators, students and coworkers of Agnes Mouzenidou. The second part cites Greek bibliography of acting and actors of the 20th century.