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Department of Theatre Studies


Serenisima. Honour to Chrysa Maltezou, editor Gogo Κ. Varzelioti – Kostas G. Tsiknakis, Athens, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens/Theatre Studies Department – Benaki Museum, 2013, 836 p.


The Thearte Studies Department and the Benaki Museum coedited a volume in honour of Academic Chrysa Maltezou.
The edition is 836 pages long and is divided in two parts. The first (72 pages) is dedicated exclusively to the life and work of Chrysa Maltezou, comprising texts composed by the Organising Committee, the representatives of the two coeditors and Eleni Avdeler. These texts focus on the life and multifaceted academic research and writing of the honouree. The first part concludes with a detailed catalogue of Chrysa Maltezou’s publications. The main body of the volume (748 pages) contains alphabetically the studies of forty six original essays in Greek, English, French, Italian and German.

The volume features essays by Chrysa Maltezou’s colleagues, friends and students, who specialize in relevant fields, and are works that touch upon various issues relating to History, from late Byzantine centuries to the end of the Venetian domination, such as the history of institutions, social history, everyday life, East and West relations, the Greeks in Venice and so on, as well as issues regarding Art History, Literature and Publications.

The essays cover the wide spectrum of the honouree’s research pursuits and shed light to the social and cultural facets as detected in the regions under Latin occupation as well as in Venice from the beginning of the 13th to the end of the 18th century.


Twenty Years Theatre Studies Department. 1990-2010. Editor: Κonstantza Georgakaki. Athens: Ergo 2010.

Review of the 20 years of the Departments accomplishments.


Research into Modern Greek Theatre (1995-2005). Summaries of the Academic Publications of the Department of Theatre Studies in the University of Athens. Editor: Kyriaki Petrakou.

Summaries-Translations: Kyriaki Petrakou, Anna Karakatsouli. Athens: Theatre Studies Department, Ergo 2005. 164 p.

English summaries of articles published in the Journal Parabasis (volumes 1-5), paper of First and Second Proceedings of Theatre Studies Conferences, symposiums “Greek Scenography-Costume Design” and “Sikelianos and Theatre” and the texts of Daphne, honorary volume for Professor Spyros Evangelatos.

Rallous Manou Archive. Editor: Chrysothemis Stamatopoulou-Vasilakou and a team of theatre studies scholars. Athens: Theatre Studies Department National and Kapodistrian University of Athens,  Ephesus 2005. 569 p.

Assistant professor, then, Chrysothemis Stamatopoulou-Vasilakou with the aid of TSD graduates A. Apostolopoulou, M. Karali, M. Karananou, S. Keramida, A. Mandalou, M. Papadopoulou kai P. Pramantioti recorded, processed and filed the 192 files of Rallous Manou archive. The material was enriched with data from other sources (bibliography, programmes from the Theatre Museum, ELIA and other archives). The edition was funded by the Kostas and Eleni Ourani Foundation and the University of Athens.


Dance and Theatre. From Duncan to the new dance groups. Research-Coordination-Editor Eleni Fessa-Emmanouil. Athens: Theatre Studies Department National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Ephesus 2004. 504 p.

Result of the five year research of students and graduates of the Theatre Studies Department under the guidance of, then, assistant professor Eleni Fessa-Emmanouil. Collaborators in the edition: the graduates M. Zaharopoulou, S. Karayanni, M. Pihou, A. Partzokou, the student K. Tarasi and scenographer K. Zamanis. The edition was supported by the Rectorate of the University of Athens and was funded by the Theatre Studies Department.

The students who conducted the initial research are: M. Delivorria, E. Dialeisma, E. Diamanti, A. Ephstratoglou, M. Zaharopoulou, A. Zevelaki, E.A. Zogka, G. Kakkara, L. Kalliri, M. Kastrinou, M. Kogkou, V. Kokkini, S. Kourbana, K. Kiraleou, I. Malaphi, S. Megalopoulou, M. Mitropoulou, T. Michailidis, C. Mixalakidi, T. Moukouli, D. Mpastouni, I. Bogdanovic, P. Mpoumpourakas, Y. Mvraitis, I. Nanouris, A. Nostari, D. Xenakis, C. Palaiologou, G. Palada, V. Papadelli, T.M. Papadopoulou, M. Papadopoulou, M. Papandreou, E.D. Papastepfanou, A.A. Papafigkou, E. Pavlaki, E. Petritsi, S. Petritis, A. Petroulia. K. Manolea-Pitsiori, P. Polykarpou, A. Poupou, E. Protopappa, F. Rimenas, E. Roumpani, G. Sioulas, M. Stamoula, T. Stavrakou, E. Somara, P. Sotirhou, A. Tsanta, K. Fanouraki, M. Filaou, P. Florantzou, E. Florou, E. Founti, R. Fourtouni, D. Hetzaki.

Hara Bakonikola - Georgopoulou. The theatrical creation in school education. Athens: General Secretariat of Youth, Theatre Studies Department University of Athens, 2002. 127 p.

Surtitle: Theatre and School.


Ten Years Theatre Studies Department (1990-2000).
Editor: Chrysothemis Stamatopoulou-Vasilakou. Athens: Theatre Studies Department National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Ergo 2001. 
436 p.

Assistant professor, in 2000, Chrysothemis Stamatopoulou-Vasilakou in collaboration with postgraduates of the TSD Master’s Degree Alexia Altouva, Ilia Lakidou, Maria Papalexi and Maria Xouliara and the librarians Dimitra Markou and Eleni Tsompani edited the volume on the Department’s first decade.

Greek scenographers – costume designers and ancient drama. Research-Coordination-Editor Eleni Fessa-Emmanouil. AthensUniversityofAthensTheatreStudiesDepartment 1999. 301 p.

This edition, funded by the Theatre Studies Department, the Ministry of Culture and private banks, is a catalogue of the homonym exhibition at the Cultural Centre of the University of Athens (Kostis Palamas building) from 31 March to 30 April 1999 from the assistant professor Eleni Fessa-Emmanoyil, who coordinated the research team and the edition in collaboration with theatre studies scholar Aphrodite Martzokou.

This edition combines the artistic spirit with the scientific documentation. The editorial team comprise: El;eni Fessa-Emmanouil (Head) and Elsa Andrianou, Aphrodite Martzokou and Petroula Xifara. The students of the TSD who conducted the initial research under the guidance of Eleni Fessa-Emmanouil are: K. Zamanis, ΑΜartzokou, L. Karamitsopoulou, P. Mpoumpourakas, M. Pihou, M. Karali. M. Karananou, O. Anagnostou, C. Liata, I. Peppa, K. Haloulou, E. Andrikopoulou, A. Gialabrinou, T. Moukouli, E. Evangelou, I. Livitsanou, I. Panteloudakis, A. Litsas, M. Tsoumas, C. Koloka, A. Katsarou, V. Moka, T. Petroulia, E. Pavli, M. Valsama, N. Xristia, M. Alivizatou, M. Kastrinou, M. Ueodorakopoulou, P. Primantoni, A. Anagnostopoulou.
Artwork: Computer Graphics andM. Kavvadia. Book cover: M. Kavvadia and K. Zamanis.

Yannis Philippidis. Blue Machine: Poems. With a text of Giorgos Heimonas. KastaniotisAthens 1999.

The Theatre Studies Department consider a duty to fund the publication of the student Giorgos Philippides’s poems, as an honour to a sensitive person who willingly took his own life in July 1997. Professor Nasos Vagenas, who writes the introduction, discerns in his work a remarkable talent, intellectual abilities and inherent sense of the use of language.

Hara Bakonikola - Georgopoulou. The art of theatre. Athens: General Secretariat of Youth, Theatre Studies Department University of Athens 1998. 163 p.

This edition surtitled “Theatre and school” was carried out within the framework of the homonym three year (1998–2000) educational programme of the General Secretariat of Youth in collaboration with the Theatre Studies Department. The aim of the programme, coordinated by Professor Hara Bakonikola – Georgopoulou, aimed to introduce young people to the essence of theatre and the basic parameters of the theatrical phenomenon. The volume includes the core elements of the art of theatre (dramaturgy and scenic representation) commencing from theatrical and dramatic categories to professions of the theatre and the main dramatic genres. Edited by Angeliki Tsabazi, TSD graduate.