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Department of Theatre Studies


Assistant Professor

9th όροφος, off.816
Tel: 210 727 7832
E-mail: georgopx[at]theatre.uoa[dot]gr




She was born in Athens in 1973. She got her ΒΑ from the Department of Theatre Studies of the University of Athens,  her MA (in Contemporary Practice of Shakespearean Theatre) from the University of Essex, her MPhil in English Literature from The Shakespeare Institute (University of Birmingham), and her PhD in English Literature from the Department of English Language and Literature of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She also did post-doctoral research funded by the State Scholarships Foundationat the Department of Theatre Studies of the University of Athens.

She has taught, apart from the Department of Theatre Studies of the University of Athens, at the Department of English Language and Literature of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the Department of Theatre Studies of the University of Patras, the programme “Plato’s Academy” of the University of Athens, as well as state and private drama schools. She has also collaborated in various research and education programmes.

She has published two books, dozens of articles, as well as book and theatre reviews in collective works and periodicals, and has participated in dozens of conferences, in Greece as well as abroad.

Her work deals with Shakespearean and Renaissance drama, and her particular interests include issues of genderand otherness, Shakespearean adaptations and Shakespearean references in modern popular culture.



  • Ζητήματα φύλου στο θέατρο του Σαίξπηρ και της Αναγέννησης, Παπαζήσης, Αθήνα, 2010

  • The Body as Text in Shakespeare’s Plays. The Fashioning of the Sexes, Edwin Mellen, Lewiston, 2011.

Articles (selected)

  1. “World’s Exile: Play-death and Rebirth in Romeo and Juliet and The Winter’s Tale”, στοOn Page and Stage: Shakespeare in Polish and World Culture, ed. Krystyna Kujawińska Courtney, Universitas, Kraków, 2000, σσ. 247-58

  2. “Aristotle and Beyond: Making and Breaking the Rules of Drama”, Skepsis XVI.i-ii, 2005, σσ. 208-14

  3. “‘What’s in a name?’: Linguistic Games with Shakespeare’s Names or How to Communicate Shakespeare on Film”, Actas-II,X Simposio Internacional de Comunicación Social, Centro de Lingüística Aplicada, ed. Leonel Ruiz Miyares, Alex Muñoz Alvarado y Celia Álvarez Moreno, Santiago de Cuba, 2007, σσ. 1199-1203

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  11. “The Marriage of Cultures in Shakespeare:Miscegenation or Peacemaking?”, στο Dialogue among Cultures: Peace, Justice and Harmony (Proceedings of ISUD 8th World Congress), ed. Wang Keping, Foreign Languages Press, Beijing, 2012, σσ.235-246

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