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Department of Theatre Studies


The Library of the Department of Theatre Studies was founded during the academic year 1991-1992 and was located on the 9th floor of the School of Philosophy building. Its operation commenced during the academic year 1992-1993. The collection consists of donations and a large number of purchased books. In 1993, the collection comprised 3000 books related to theatre studies which included purchased new books, the library and archive of Katerina Kakouri, the library of the director Takis Mouzenidis et al., and a considerable amount of donated books and journals by the philologist and theatre critic, Kostas Georgousopoulos, teacher of the Faculty, and actress, Tasso Kavadia. Since then it has been substantially enriched and it also includes the archives of Pelos and Aleka Katselis and the reviews archive of Nikos Kikilias. The books are approximately 16000.

In October 2018, the library of the Department of Theatre Studies was moved to a new building next to the School of Philosophy, on the University campus Zografou, and in January 2019 the Library of the School of Philosophy opened to the public. It is comprised of 16 separate libraries attached to the various Departments of the School.

Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 8.30-18.00
Telephone: (+30) 2107277605, 7828, 7687, Fax: (+30) 2107277931
e-mail: phil(at), ( to renew loans) phil.circulation(at),
Access: google maps