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Department of Theatre Studies



r. 817, 8th floor, School of Philosophy
Phone: +210-7277839
E-mail: ankaraka[at]theatre.uoa[dot]gr
Contact Hours: Wednesday10:30-12:00, Friday 11:00-12:00




Anna Karakatsouli is a Professor of European History and Culture at the Theatre Studies Department of the University of Athens. She studied History in Athens, Strasbourg, and Paris. She has served as an Expert Associate in the project for the new edition of the History of Humankind by UNESCO (Paris) and as Vice-Director at the Alexander S. Onassis Foundation (Athens). Her research interests encompass Intellectual History, Colonialism, Book History, and the rise of the Far Right. Her most recent book delves into far-right and extremist publishing activities in Greece since 1974. Additionally, in previous publications, she explored a transnational approach to the Greek War of Independence within the broader context of the global revolutionary wave of the 1820s and presented a historical account of Hestia booksellers and publishers from 1885 to 2010. She has also edited and translated several scholarly works and speaks English, French, German, and Russian.


Recent Publications

«Το ξίφος του πνεύματος»: βιβλίο, πολιτισμική ηγεμονία και άκρα δεξιά στην Ελλάδα μετά το 1974, Gutenberg, 2024 [“The Sword of the Spirit”: Books, cultural hegemony and the Far-Right in Greece after 1974, Gutenberg, Athens]

“La guerre d’indépendance grecque en tant que lutte anticoloniale : la pensée radicale et moderne de l’abbé Dominique de Pradt”, in Chryssanthi Avlami, F. Salaün, J.P.Schandeler (eds.), De l’Europe ottomane aux nations balkaniques : les Lumières en question / From Ottoman Europe to the Balkan Nations: Questioning the Enlightenment, Medieval and Early Modern Europe and the World, Brepols Publishers N.V./S.A, Turnhout, 2023 (MEMEW, 4), 193-202

“Conflicting Claims over the Legacy of 1821: The Case of Far Right in Greece”, Journal of Modern Greek Studies, 39, 1 (2021): 71-91,

“The French Involvement in the Greek War of Independence”, Historein, «1821: What Made it Greek? What Made it Revolutionary?»,  Vol. 20 No. 1 (2021),   

«Μαχητές της Ελευθερίας» και 1821: Η Ελληνική Επανάσταση στη διεθνική της διάσταση, Εκδόσεις Πεδίο, 2016 [Freedom Fighters and 1821: A Transnational Approach of the Greek War of Independence, Pedio Publishers, Athens]

"Could the Digital Option Work for a Book Market under Stress? The Case of Greek Publishers", The International Journal of the Book, 16, 1-2 (2018): 1-11,

Στη χώρα των βιβλίων: Η εκδοτική ιστορία του Βιβλιοπωλείου της Εστίας, 1885-2010, Οι Εκδόσεις των Συναδέλφων, 2011 [In the Land of Books: The Publishing History of Hestia Publishers and Booksellers, 1885-2010,The Colleagues’ Publications, Athens]