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Department of Theatre Studies


Professor of Theatrology. The main object of her special academic interest is Modern Greek Theatre, from mid nineteenth century up to nowadays. Besides her regular teaching of European and Greek Drama and History of the Theatre in the Faculty of Theatre Studies, on under-graduate and post-graduate level, she has participated in a great number of conferences in Greece and abroad, and often makes lectures on cultural topics, mostly theatrical. She has taught seminars on Modern Greek Theatre in the University of Vienna (2000) and the University of Silesia (Slaski, 2002). She also taught European Drama and History of the Theatre post graduate level in the Open University of Cyprus, mainly through e-class (2011-2013).



Οι θεατρικοί διαγωνισμοί, 1870-1925 (The Drama Competitions 1870-1925), Hellinika Grammata, Athens 1999.

Θεατρολογικά Miscellanea. (Theatrological MiscellaneaFifteen theatrological papers), Diavlos, Athens 2004.

O Kαζαντζάκης και το θέατρο (Kazantzakis and the theatre). Militos, Athens, Athens 2005.

Η απήχηση του νεοελληνικού θεάτρου στο εξωτερικό. Μεταφράσεις-παραστάσεις (The impact of Modern Greek Theatre Abroad. Translations –Performances), Parabasis- Papers [4], Scientific Bulletin of the Department of Theatre Studies, University of Athens - Ergo, Athens 2005.

In co-operation with Anna Karakatsouli: Research into Modern Greek Theatre (1995-2005)Summaries of the Academic Publications of the Department of Theatre Studies in the University of Athens, Department of Theatre Studies - Ergo Publications, Athens 2005.

Θεατρικές (σ)τάσεις) και πορείες. Δεκαέξι θεατρολογικά μελετήματα (Theatrical Attitudes and Courses. Sixteen Theatrological Papers), Papazisis, Athens 2007.

In co-operation with Dionysis Mousmoutis: Ο Σταθάτειος διαγωνισμός της ΕταιρείαΕλλήνων θεατρικών συγγραφέων (Stathatos’s Dramatic Competion by the Association of Greek Playwrights), Department of Theatre Studies - Ergo Publications, Athens 2008.

In co-operation with Savvas Gogos: Λεξικό του αρχαίου θεάτρουΌροιέννοιεςπρόσωπα (Dictionary of Ancient Greek Theatre. TermsMeaningsPersons), Militos, Athens 2012.

Σχήματα και εικόνες: από τον ρομαντισμό στον μεταμοντερνισμό. Δεκαέξι μελετήματα για το νεοελληνικό θέατρο (Sketches and pictures: from Romanticismto Post-modernism), Papazisis, Athens 2015.

O Θεοτοκάς του θεάτρου. Έργα, θεωρία και κριτική, δράση (Theotokas of the theatrePlays, Theory and Critique, Activities), Militos (Exantas), Athens 2017