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Department of Theatre Studies


Laboratory Teaching Staff

email: ilakidou[at]theate.uoa[dot]gr

Department of Theatre Studies, School of Philosophy

University of Athens.

Ilia Lakidou was born in Athens, Greece. She studied History and Theory of the Theatre at the Department of Theatre Studies, School of Philosophy, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (B.A. 1995, M.Phil. 2000, PhD 2008). Her PhD Dissertation was on "Theatre Aesthetics of Greek Painters of the '30s", focusing on Spyros Vassiliou's stage designs. As a specialist on history of scenography, drama in education and history of the theatre, she taugh at the University of Patras and at the University of Peloponnese (Departments of Theatre Studies). She speaks English and French. She taugh drama in private and public schools for 20 years. She has participated with announcements in conferences in Greece and abroad and her papers have been published in books and periodicals.


  • 2008: Phd in Theatre Studies. Department of Theatre Studies, School of Philosophy, University of Athens. Dissertation: “Spyros Vassiliou's contribution to the stage and the theatre aesthetics of the greek painters of the '30s”
  • 2000: MPhil in Theatre Studies. Department of Theatre Studies, School of Philosophy, University of Athens. Thesis: “The revue of Elefthero Theatro”
  • 1995: B.A. in Theatre Studies. Department of Theatre Studies, School of Philosophy, University of Athens.


  • 2017-Present: Teaching and Laboratory Faculty Member, Department of Theatre Studies, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • 2003-2009: Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Theatre Studies, University of Patras. Courses taugh: History of Stage and Costume Design, History of Theatre Architecture, Drama in Education,
  • 2007-2010: Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Theatre Studies, University of Peloponnese. Courses taught: History of European Theatre.
  • 2003-2006: Curator and Leader of the Educational Programs. Museum “Atelier Spyros Vassiliou”.
  • 1997-2017: Drama Teacher in Primary and Secondary Schools.


  • 2017-Present: Researcher in Laboratory of Theatre Research and Documentation, Department of Theatre Studies, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • 2016-Present: “Continuation, completion and publication of the research program: (Pythagoras 1) "Research and writing of the Greek Bibliography of Theater (1900-2005)" with emphasis on sections C5a. Theatre in education, C5b. Theatre for children. (07/2016 - 06/2018)” Scientific Responsible:Ch. Stamatopoulou-Vasilakou.
  • 2004-2008: Member of the research groupfor the university research program “Greek Bibliography of Theatre 1900-2005” Scientific Responsible: Walter Puchner.
  • 2003-2006: Organization of the painter Spyros Vassiliou’s personal archive. The Spyros Vassiliou Archive includes sketches, drawings, set and costume designs, photographs, texts, letters, paper clippings and a substantial number of playbills and theatrical programs. This material was organised and partially digitized for museum purposes (exhibitions, educational programs).

PUBLICATIONS (Selection, printed and under preparation)



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  2. Spyros Vassiliou and the Theatre, Benaki Museum, Athens2011. ISBN: 978-960-476-089-3



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Under preparation:

  1. «Scenography in Angelos Terzakis workthe necessity and the problem of the big production» in scientific meeting Angelos Terzakisalert and in agony, Department of Theatre Studies / National Theatre, 13/5/2019.
  2. «Deciphering the theatrical program: the example of the Elefthero Theatro (1970-79)» in the conference: The greek theatrical prints from the 19th to the 21st century Department of Theatre Studies, 17-19/1/2019.
  3. «An example of synergy of theatre and music in Primary Education: choral singing and collective theatrical expression in Ornithes by M. Hatzidakis.» in the conference Arts in Greek Schoolpresent and future, Department of Theatre Studies / Department of Music Studies NKUA, Department of Theatre AUTH, ASFA, IEP, 11-13/10/2018 (Workshop of good practice in collaboration with Theodoris Korakas).
  4. «The theatrologist in the current school: a touring theatre company or a permanent repertory stage? Restrictions of the curriculum and schools timetable and suggestions for structural improvements.», in the conference: The Greek School Today: the Faculty of Philosophy discusses and suggests, NKUA, 1-2/12/2017
  5. «Greek Bibliography of Theatre 1900-2005/16: a research in progress» in: Honorary Conference for the 20 years of Department of Theatre Studies’ Post Graduate Programme  Resources of contemporary Greek Theatrology,  University  of Athens, 27-29/4/2017.

  6. «The Theatre in the Revue by Elefthero Theatrotheatre process under study and questioning» in Scientific Theatrological Conference 121 years of Greek Theatrical Revue, Rethymno, 14-15/11/2015.