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Department of Theatre Studies


Teaching Fellows 

Department of Theatre Studies
School of Philosophy
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
University Campus Zografou
15784 Athens, Greece (Office 916)
Tel: 0030 2107277698
Εmail: alexiad[at]theatre.uoa[dot]gr

Research Interests

History of Modern Greek Literature (19th-20thcentury), Literary Theory, Modern Greek Literature (Poetry and Prose), Contemporary Adaptations on Greek Drama, Philosophy and Literature with an emphasis on the notion of Otherness, Literature and Modern Greek teaching in Secondary Education, use of Creative Writing in teaching Modern Greek.


  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki: Bachelor’s Degree in Modern Greek and Medieval Philology (1988)

  • Paris IV-Sorbonne University: Diplôme d’Études Approfondies (DEA) with special subject: L’évolution poétique dans l’œuvre de Titos Patrikios (1992)

  • Paris IV-Sorbonne University: Thèse de Troisième Cycle (Doctorat) with special subject: La notion de lautre dans la poésie grecque contemporaine: Première génération de laprès-guerre (2003)

Professional and Academic Positions

2018: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, School of Philosophy, Department of Theatre Studies, Lecturer. Subject: History of Modern Greek Literature (19th-20th century)

2012-2014: Mentoring and Graduate Training Supervisor, Department of Pedagogics, School of Philosophy, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

2004-2008: Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Philology, School of Humanity and Social Studies, University of Patras. Subject: Modern Greek Poetry

2008-2009: Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Philology, University of Peloponnese. Subjects: Modern Greek Literature (Poetry and Prose), History of Literature, Literary Theory.

1996-1997: Adjunct Instructor (EnseignanteVacataire), National Center of Distance Learning, Rennes Institute, France

1996-1997: Adjunct Lecturer-Instructor of Modern Greek Language, University for All Age Groups of Creteil Paris.

1999-2017: Teaching of Modern Greek, Ancient Greek, Literature and History in Secondary Education.

2012-2015: Scientific Committee for the rationalization of the subject matter in Humanities for the General Lyceum (2016), Scientific Committee on the Curriculum and the subject matter in Humanities for the General and Vocational Lyceum (2015), Scientific Committee for the elaboration / writing and assessment of educational material for the courses: Modern Greek Literature for the General Lyceum, Modern Greek Literature for the Vocational Lyceum, in the context of the “Bank of Graded Difficulty Test Subjects” for secondary education (2014), Scientific Committee for the development and adaptation of the Curriculum of the Vocational Lyceum’s Supplementary Courses (2012)

Publications (Selected Articles)

  • The emerging innovations of Modern Greek and Creative Writing: Pushing the discipline frontiers between secondary vocational and higher education.”, XXVe Congrès pluridisciplinairedes Néo-hellénistes francophones, Les études grecques modernes en Grèce et en Europe: disciplines, institutions, interactions, Paris, 16-17 Mars 2018 (co-authors: Th. Alexiadou, Th. Kokkinos, P. Bista).

  • Les poètes à l’auberge européenne. La génération des années 1930.Nous avons rêvé la Grèce. Représentations et idéalisations de l’héritage hellénique, Treuil R., O.Polychronopoulou (eds.), Éditions de la Mae, Paris, 2016, pp. 131-148.

  • Les repas culpabilisés de la poésie grecque contemporaine, XXIVe Congrès pluridisciplinairedes Néo-hellénistes francophones, Manger en Grèce,Université de Strasbourg, 27-29 mai 2015,INALCO/Cahiers balkaniques,M. Breuillot, J. Dalègre, I. Tsamadou-Jacoberger (eds.), Inalco/Presses, Paris,2016, pp. 233-249.

  • Mises en scène of death and poetic scenery: Karyotakis-Sachtouris-Varveris.”,Acts of Vth European Congres of Modern Greek Studies: Continuities, discontinuities and Ruptures in the Greek World (1204-2014): economy, society, history and literature, V. III, European Society of Modern Greek Studies (, 2015, pp. 645-662.

  • The deceit of destiny in Andreas Karkavitas’ The Beggar”, The Shining of Money in Modern Greek Literature: From the Renaissance to the Dawn of the 21st Century, G. Pefanis (ed.), Foundation of Kostas and Eleni Ouranis, Athens 2015, pp. 385-399.

  • The common destiny of man and tree in the Modern Greek poetry from 1880 to date. First approach.”Hellenic Dimension. Materials of the Riga 3rdInternational Conference on Hellenic Studies,Br. Aleksejeva, Ojars Lams, Ilse Rumniece (eds.),University of Latvia, Faculty of Humanities, Chair of Classical Philology, Centre for Hellenic Studies, Riga, 2012, pp. 127-138.

  • Identity data of the Sixties. Interaction between private and public in Th. Valtinos’ roman.”Acts of IVth European Congres of Modern Greek Studies: Identities in the Greek world (from 1204 to date), v. I, European Society of Modern Greek Studies (, 2011, pp. 663-680.

  • Introspection and transparency: The dialogue between modern and traditional in twentieth century poetry.”, in Modern in Poetry, Materials of the 29thPoetry Symposium, Patras 2-5 July 2009, Xenia Skartsi (ed.), Ellinika Grammata,pp. 262-278 (

  • Poetry and the ‘unknown forces of innocence’ in Odysseas Elytis’ Cards on the Table”, Themata Logotechnias, 44, May-August 2010, pp. 146-157.

  • Elusive points in the limits of speech and silence. Elements of minimal poetics in post-war poetry.”, in Low Voices in Literature, Scientific Symposium, Modern Greek Civilization and General Education Studies Society, Athens, 2009, pp. 135-152.

  • The festival beloved by Gypsies”. Matters of identity and otherness in Kostis Palamas’ The Twelve Words of the Gypsy.,Greek Letters, A Journal of Modern Greek in Translation, v. 21, 2008-2009, published by the Hellenic Society of Translators of Literature, Αθήνα2009, pp. 173-190.

  • “…What it is and what we desire. Demarcation lines and diapedesis in G. Vizyinos’ oneiric drama.”D’une frontiéreà lautremouvements defuitesmouvements discontinus dans le mondenéo-helléniquePrésences néo-helléniques dans les pays francophones ici-maintenant et ailleurs, Université Charles de Gaulle-Lille 3, XXe Colloque International des Néohellénistes des Universités francophones, Constantin Bobas (ed.), Gavriilides/ Presses Universitaires de Septentrion, Athens-Lille, 2009, pp. 320-336.

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  • Otherness and familiarity in Kostas Karyotakis’ poetry. The burden of self and the soul mate.”Le Double dans la littérature néo-helléniqueHistoire et littérature, XIXe Colloque International des Néohellénistes des Universités francophones,Nancy 2005, Plaxandre, Paris, 2006, pp. 386-403 ( )

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