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Evanthia Stivanaki
Associate Professor

Office 814, 8th floor, School of Philosophy
Phone: 210-7277927

E-mail: astivan[at]theatre.uoa[dot]gr

Born in Patras. National and Kapodistrian University of Athens graduate, Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology Department (1979). Post-graduate degree in Philosophy (MPhil) “Space and Time in Philosophical thought”, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (1982). Awarded with scholarship by the State Scholarships Foundation (I.K.Y.) for PhD dissertation “Theatrical Life and activity in Patras 1829-1904”, under the supervision of W. Puchner (1990-97).


1. Greek Language and Literature secondary school teacher (1982 - 1989) and headmistress (1985-1987). Head of cultural programmes for secondary education of Patras prefecture.

2. At the University of Patras, Department of Educational Sciences and Early Childhood Education “Teaching Theatre Arts I and II” (1992- 1996), Department of Primary Education “Theatre in Primary Education” (1994-1997), and, at the “Evang. Papanoutsos School”, the subject “Theatre in Education” (1998-2003).

3. Theatre Studies Department of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (2001 lecturer, 2006 assistant professor, 2009 permanent assistant professor) “Theatre Education I and II” (2001-2014), “Introduction to the History of Acting and Directing” (2005-2012), “Introduction to teaching Theatre Practice” (2001-2014). Also, at post-graduate level, the subject “dramatic consistency in Greek short stories”.

Arts and management experience: Theatre Director of 55 performances with amateur and professional theatre groups. Artistic consultant of the “Artistic Centre of Municipality of Patras -Artistic Lab” (1976-1986). Artistic director of “Agora” Theatre at Patras (1987-2010). Member of Patras Municipal Cultural Committee (1978- 2008). Member of the rapporteurs team for “Patras -cultural capital of Europe 2006”. Member of the Artistic committee of “Patras International Festival” (2000-2009), member of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs committee for “Olympic Education” (2004-06). Member of the organisational committee of Municipality of Patras for the national and international competition of Shadow Theatre (2007-2014) e.t.c. Experience in teaching and participation in many conferences, laboratories, seminars, lectures, theatre activities in many Greek cities as well as in European countries: Switzerland (2002 and 2010-University of Lausanne), Austria ( Klaffer, 2011 Grundtvig Workshop – lifelong learning), Finland (Helsinki, 2012 Grundtvig), Slovenia (Lubiana, 2013 Grundtvig), Italy (Coritzia- 2013 Grundtvig ).

Writer of the books: “Theatrical Life and activity in Patras 1829-1904” (PhD dissertation, 2001), “On the track of the theatrical adventure” (2010), “Patras- cultural capital 2006”-collective volume (2006), “Emmanuel Rhoides and Theatre” (under publication). Participation in 4 collective volumes on theatre and culture. 30 articles on theatre and culture. Playwright of 3 theatrical plays and 20 adaptations of Greek stories and a novel presented on stage.

Awarded by public and private organisations: Municipality of Patras (2002). Inner wheel international club (2000), Achaian Studies Company (2002), as well as many municipalities, festivals, educational and other organisations on a national level e.t.c.