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Minas I. Alexiadis

Professor. Musicologist and composer. Research and teaching fields: Opera, Musical Theatre, Stage music. Has gained a Diploma in composition under Guenther Becker at the Robert Schumann University, Düsseldorf- Germany, is a Law School graduate and has earned a PhD in musicology from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Faculty of Music Studies). Many of his compositions have won prizes and have been performed and broadcast worldwide, have been recorded and released in 26 LPs and CDs in Greece, Italy, Germany, England and Japan. Operas of his have been performed in Frankfurt and Athens, other works involve symphonic, chamber and electronic music, music for the ballet, film and theatre. Compositions (scores) published by Panas Music, Hellenic Music Centre and TrevCo Music (USA).

Member of the Board and Vice president of the Greek Composers’ Union (1989-2013), member of the Board as well as Secretary General of the National Opera of Greece (2002-2006) and founding member of the Hellenic Musicological Society’sopera group. Has taught at the Music Departments of both the Aristotle University and the Macedonia University in Thessaloniki (2000-2004) and has participated in Greek and international musicological and theatrological congresses. Numerous essays and publications on opera / musical theatre history and theory.


  • Histoire du Soldat: of Igor Stravinsky’s music (2003), Orpheus’s Magic Flute: Ten studies on opera and musical theatre (2010), Brecht- Weill: Three-Penny Opera and Mahagonny, musical-theatrical visions of a magic art (2017).



Alexia Altouva

Assistant professor of Theatrology. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Theatre Studies of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and she was awarded a PhD degree with honors from this department in 2008. Her dissertation entitled “The phenomenon of female celebrity in Greece during the 19th century” was funded by the Research Grants Program: Heraclitus and has been published (Herodotos ed., 2014). She has been scientific collaborator and assistant for organizing a series of research programs implemented by the Faculty of Theatre Studies of the National and KapodistrianUniversity of Athens with co-financing from the European Social Fund and national resources. She has also been participated in several Scientific Meetings and Conferences both in Greece and abroad. She has published articles in scientific magazines and omnibus volumes. Her research interests include the history and the theory of acting, the history of Modern Greek theatre in the 19th and the early 20th century, gender theory and celebrity culture in theatre studies.


  • The phenomenon of female celebrity in Greece during the 19th century, Herodotos, Athens, 2014, 680 p.

Editor of


For more: https://uoa.academia.edu/AlexiaAltouva



Aikaterini (Kaiti) Diamantakou

Associate professor of Theatrology. She graduated from the Faculty of Literature (Classic Literature modules, 1989) and the Faculty of Theatre Studies (1996) of the Faculty of Philosophy of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, where she finished –with the financial support of the Greek State Scholarships Foundation– her PhD in Classics in 1998. In 2004 she became a lecturer in the Faculty of Theatre Studies of the Faculty of Philosophy in the University of Athens ; a few years later, in 2008, she was promoted to the position of Adjunct Professor at the same Department, while she attained tenure in 2013.

Her academic interests focus on the history and theory of ancient theatre, on the specific dramatic forms and their particular theatrical codes, on the historical and social background that generated these works, on the reception of ancient drama in modern, Greek and international, dramaturgy and stage practice. Her educational and research work, her academic notices and her publications refer to those fields of interest. She has been teaching modules concerning “Theatre in the Antiquity” (the work of Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes, Menander, Plautus, Terentius, Seneca) in the University undergraduate program, and modules on “Ancient Theatre and its Reception” in the postgraduate program. She has collaborated in the research program “Semele: Creation of Data Base about Ancient Theatre” (EPEAEK - Pythagoras II) and she has also carried out an individual research program on the “Metamorphoses of ancient Greek drama in the modern Greek drama of the period 1974-2009 (KAPODISTRIAS, 2009-2010).





  • On Tragedy and Trugedy. Eight Interpretative Ways through Tragic and Comic Theatre [in Greek], Ed. Papazisis, Athens, 2007.

  • In the Ancient Greek Hinterland. Introduction to the Semiology of Space and Time in Aristophanes’ Theatre [in Greek]Ed. Kardamitsa, Athens, 2007

Editor with introduction

  • Tassos Lignades: Theatre Reviews – Ancient Drama (1975-1989 [in Greek]), Kostas and Eleni Ourani Foundation, Athens, 2013;

  • Tassos Lignades: Theatre Reviews – Modern Greek Dramaturgy (1975-1989) [n Greek], Kostas and Eleni Ourani Foundation, Athens, 2015.



Sofia Felopoulou

Assistant professor of theatrology. She received her Ph.D. in 2002 from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her thesis subject was Play within a play into the French drama of 20th century. She taught theatre at the Aristotle University – Theatre Department, School of Fine Arts.

Her scientific interests and researches focus on European drama, contemporary theatre, theory and criticism, as well as the Modern Greek drama, and the transcription of Ancient Greek myth.

She has published and presented in national and international conferences numerous papers on Greek and European theatre, including plays and performances, theatre theory and aesthetics.


Some of her recent publications:

  • - « Les “espaces autres” de Foucault dans Le Balcon de Jean Genet », inLes mots en spectacle, Classiques Garnier, Paris 2016, p. 85-97.

  • - « L’adaptation au théâtre : les emprunts qui créent l’originalité scénique », Parabassis,vol.14/1, 2016, p. 9-22.

  • - « Manger dans le théâtre néo-hellénique », Cahiers balkaniques [Hors-série | 2016]http://ceb.revues.org/6162 ; DOI : 10.4000/ceb.6162, p. 62-75.

  • - ‘‘Continuity and discontinuity in Giorgos Dialegmenos’ plays’’ in K. Dimadis (ed.) Continuities, Discontinuities, Ruptures in the Greek Worlde (1204-2014). Proceedings. European Society of Modern Greek Studies, Athens, 2015, p. 299-314.

  • http://www.eens.org/EENS_congresses/2014/books/tomo5.pdf

  • - ‘‘Money aspects in the beginning of 20th century Greek drama in parallel with European naturalism’’ in G.P. Pefanis (ed.), The shine of money in modern Greek literature. From the Cretan Renaissance to the dawn of 21th century. K. and H. Ourani Foundation, Athens 2014, p. 449-464.

  • - ‘‘Memory, Theatre and History. Marat/Sade, Travesties’’ in Gogo Varzelioti (ed.), From the Text to the Stage, Faculty of Theatre Studies, NKUA, Athens 2014, p. 567-573.



Anna Karakatsouli

Associate Professor of History of Culture. She studied European History and Culture in Athens, Strasbourg and Paris. She has been an Expert Associate in the project of the new edition of the History of Humankind by UNESCO (Paris) and Vice-director at the Alexander S. Onassis Foundation (Athens). Her research interests focus on intellectual history in modern and contemporary Europe, history of colonialism and the study of networks, contacts and transfer of ideas. Her most recent publication concerns the Philhellenes who took part as freedom fighters in the Greek War of Independence in a transnational approach (Pedio, 2016). She has also published a study on Greek book history focusing on Hestia booksellers and publishers from 1885 to 2010 (Oi Ekdoseis ton Synadelfon, 2011). She is member of the Administrative Committee of the National Scholarships Foundation (IKY) and past member of the Committee for the State Literary Awards from 2011 to 2015. Editor and translator of several scholarly books, she speaks English, French, German and Russian.


George P. Pefanis

Associate Professor of theatre theory and philosophy in the Faculty of Theatre Studies at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in Greece. He also teaches theatre and cinema history at the Open University of Greece (2008-2016) and theatre at the Open University Cyprus (Postgraduate Program, 2012-2013).

He has been editor of “Paravasis”, the Academic Edition of the Faculty of Theatre Studies of University of Athens, Greece (2004-2012), as well as Director, Supervisor and Editor of the Theater Editions “Theatrical Places”, pub. Papazisis, “Drama and Dromena”, pub. Polytropon and “Theatrical Library”, pub. Diavlos.

He also writes articles for the greek journal To Vima and theatre reviews for CNN Greece. He writes and collaborates in international journals and magazines, such as Annuaire Théâtral, (Canada), Bulletin de Liaison Néohellénique, Revue des Études Néohelléniques, Cahiers balkaniques(France), Italohellenica, Culture Teatrali, Itinera(Italy), Journal of Modern Greek Studies, (USA), Estudios Neogriegos. Revista Cientifica de la Sociedad Hispanica de Estudios Neogriegos (Spain) and many more. He served as supervisor, specialty artistic collaborator, dramaturge and official counselor of the artistic team of the National Greek Theater and the Street Theatre International Festival (2009-2013), and has collaborated with some of the biggest theaters in Greece and internationally, such as The Art Theatre of Moscow. He was elected twice to the Administrative Council of the Greek Center for International Theatre and has collaborated numerous times in several different projects with the International Theatre Institute.

He has published eighteen books on theatre and drama, more than one hundred and sixty studies in Greek and foreign journals, as well as many critical reviews and has been invited to showcase his work, and lecture at numerous theater conferences and festivals in Europe.

In 2006, he received the award for Best Theatrical Research from the Union of Music and Theatre Critics for his book, The Kingdom of Eugena, Alexandria Editions, Athens 2005. George Pefanis has also worked as a researcher at the Center of Folklore Research of the Academy of Athens. He is also a member of Société des Études Néohelléniques (SEN) des Néo-Hellénistes des Universités Francophones and of Greek Society of Aesthetics.


Some of his recent books are

  • Scenes of theory. Open fields in the theory and criticism of theatre, Athens 2007.

  • The sand of the text. Aesthetic and dramatological issues in Greek theatre, Athens 2008.

  • The theatre and the symbols. Symbolization procedures of dramatic speech, Athens 2012.

  • Adventures of representation. Scenes of theory II, Athens 2013.

  • Specters of theatre. Scenes of theory II, Athens 2013.

  • Adherents & Philosophers of Theatre. An Outline of Theatre Philosophy, Athens 2016.



Kyriaki Petrakou

Professor of Theatrology. The main object of her special academic interest is Modern Greek Theatre, from mid nineteenth century up to nowadays. Besides her regular teaching of European and Greek Drama and History of the Theatre in the Faculty of Theatre Studies, on under-graduate and post-graduate level, she has participated in a great number of conferences in Greece and abroad, and often makes lectures on cultural topics, mostly theatrical. She has taught seminars
on Modern Greek Theatre in the University of Vienna (2000) and the University of Silesia (Slaski, 2002). She also taught European Drama and History of the Theatre post graduate level in the Open University of Cyprus, mainly through e-class (2011-2013).



  • Οιθεατρικοίδιαγωνισμοί, 1870-1925 (The Drama Competitions 1870-1925), Hellinika Grammata, Athens 1999.

  • Θεατρολογικά Miscellanea. (Theatrological Miscellanea. Fifteen theatrological papers), Diavlos, Athens 2004.

  • O Kαζαντζάκηςκαιτοθέατρο(Kazantzakis and the theatre). Militos,
    Athens, Athens 2005.

  • Η απήχηση του νεοελληνικού θεάτρου στο εξωτερικό. Μεταφράσεις-παραστάσεις(The impact of Modern Greek Theatre Abroad. Translations –Performances), Parabasis- Papers [4], Scientific Bulletin of the Department of Theatre Studies, University of Athens - Ergo, Athens 2005.

  • In co-operation with Anna Karakatsouli: Research into Modern Greek Theatre(1995-2005). Summaries of the Academic Publications of the Department of Theatre Studies in the University of Athens, Department of Theatre Studies - Ergo Publications, Athens 2005.

  • Θεατρικές (σ)τάσεις) και πορείες. Δεκαέξιθεατρολογικάμελετήματα(Theatrical Attitudes and Courses. Sixteen Theatrological Papers), Papazisis, Athens 2007.

  • In co-operation with Dionysis Mousmoutis: ΟΣταθάτειοςδιαγωνισμόςτηςΕταιρείαs Ελλήνωνθεατρικώνσυγγραφέων(Stathatos’s Dramatic Competion by the Association of Greek Playwrights), Department of Theatre Studies - Ergo Publications, Athens 2008.

  • In co-operation with Savvas Gogos: Λεξικότουαρχαίουθεάτρου. Όροι,έννοιες,πρόσωπα(Dictionary of Ancient Greek Theatre. Terms, Meanings, Persons), Militos, Athens 2012.

  • Σχήματα και εικόνες: από τον ρομαντισμό στον μεταμοντερνισμό. Δεκαέξιμελετήματαγιατονεοελληνικόθέατρο(Sketches and pictures: from Romanticismto Post-modernism), Papazisis, Athens 2015.

  • O Θεοτοκάς του θεάτρου. Έργα, θεωρία και κριτική, δράση (Theotokasofthetheatre. Plays, Theory and Critique, Activities), Militos (Exantas), Athens 2017




Ioanna Remediaki

Lecturer of Theatrology. She holds an MA in Classical Literature and a BA and PhD in Theatre Studies (thesis): “The translations of Sophocles’ Antigone’ for the Modern Greek Stage (1850-2000)”). As Artistic Director of the theatre company “Group Equals One“ she has written, directed and performed the plays: The Table, Vacuum’s Excavation, Museum Stories, Space Hamlet, Sweet Ophelia and Sacred Way 2in Greece, Italy and Germany, in theatres, museums, festivals and open public spaces.


Manos Stefanidis

Associate Professor of teaches Art History. He has also been teaching teaches at AKTO Art History since 1985. He writes art reviews and years feuilleton in Kathimerini, Eleftherotypia, etc.Anti magazine. Collaborates with literary magazines Eikastika, Zygos, Dendro, Mandragoras, Poetix, (de)kata, etc. In 1990 he was the commissioner of Greece in the Venice Biennale. Since 1985 is a member of AICA. He organized and directed the branch of the National Gallery in Corfu (1990-1995 ). In 2005 he was elected member of the Society of Greek Authors. He has taught graduate seminars at Kapodistrian University, Ionian University, Panteion University, School of Fine in Athens and School of Fine and Applied Arts in Thessaloniki, Free University of Athens, etc.


Latest books :

  • A History of Painting, from Byzantium to the Renaissance and the Impressionists to Picasso, Kastaniotis editions, 2007.

  • Little Gallery, Personalities, Judgments and Values of Greek art, Kastaniotis editions, 2005.

  • Glass Eye, Essays on the Tele - culture and Aesthetics of Poverty, Filippotis editions, 2006.

  • Introduction to Greek Sculpture from Antiquity to Today, Filippotis edition, 2007.

  • Ellinomouseion 2nd completed edition in 10 volumes, ET Journal, 2009.

  • Genethlion, Vlassis Caniaris, Benaki Museum, 2008-9.

  • Time. People. Their stories. Benaki Museum, 2010.

  • Thodoros Papayannis, My Ghosts, Sculpture and Performance, Benaki Museum, 2012.

  • Kyriakos Katzourakis, The Retrospective's Catalogue, Benaki Museum Militos editions, 2013.

  • Offering, Catalogue of the Group Exhibition at the National Archeological Museum, Athens, Militos editions, 2013.

  • History-Irony, Art in the Post-dictatorial period, Vorres Museum, 2014.

  • Songs for grief, poetry, Kastaniotis editions, 2015.

  • From Heaven, Mount Athos from the nebula, Travelogue, Technis Oistros editions, 2016.


Major Exhibitions – Catalogs

  • Paniaras, D. Pierides Gallery, Athens, November 1984.

  • Metzikof, Halles de Schaerbeek, Bruxelles, 1984.

  • Costas Eliades, National Gallery, Athens, 1985.

  • George Mavroidis, National Gallery, Athens, January 1986.

  • Lefteris Kanakakis, National Gallery, Athens, March 1986.

  • Polyrhythmia, Painting - Sculpture Malerei Plastiken, 21/3 - 24/4/1987, Raisin Warehouse Barry, Goethe Institut, Athens, 1987.

  • Bicentenaire de la Révolution Française, Cultural Center of Athens - Conseil General du Gard, Athens - Nîmes - Paris, 1989.

  • Mayo, Galerie Titanium, Athens, 1991.

  • Claude Viallat, National Gallery of Art - French Institute of Athens, Athens, September 16 - October 20, 1991.

  • Elias Dekoulakos, Mani, Stavros Mihalarias Art, Athens, February 1992.

  • Parthenis - Ghika - Moralis, National Gallery - Annex Corfu, Corfu, October-December 1992.

  • Theodoros Stamos, Donation to the National Gallery, Gallery Koumantareios Sparta, November 28, 1992 - January 20, 1993.

  • Eptanesean artists of the 18th and 19th century. From the collections Euripides Koutlidis & National Gallery. Tribute to the Ionian painting, National Gallery - Annex Corfu, Corfu, June-October 1993.

  • Exercises Patridognosia National Gallery - Annex Corfu, Corfu, March 7 - April 30, 1994.

  • Yannis Spyropoulos, Classic removal (1912-1990), National Gallery, Athens, 1995.

  • Dimitris Kalamaras, Drawings - Sculpture, National Gallery, Athens, January-February 1995.

  • Dimitris Mytaras, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, May 10 - July 23, 1995

  • Parthenis - Ghika - Tsarouchis - Moralis, Nicosia Municipality, European Month, 10-15 October 1995.

  • Eleni Doris, En Plein Air, Arte Contemporanea, Pinerolo, September 1998.

  • Bost, retrospective, Municipal Gallery of Patras, February 3 - March 3, 1998.

  • Minus - Plus / The Minor - The Meizon: Minorities, Hellenic American Union, Athens, 5-28 April 1999.

  • Glossalgia, Hellenic American Union – Frissiras Museum, Athens, March 5 - April 5 2001

  • Pat Andrea, Frissiras, Athens, April 6 - June 16, 2001.

  • Vincent Corpet, Proportions, Frissiras Museum, Athens, September 27 - November 25, 2001.

  • The unknown Tsoclis, Juvenile works 1950-1959, Frissiras Museum, 29 November 2001 to 27 January 2002.

  • Tsoclis - Resurrections, Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Greek Consulate General in Istanbul, Tophane I Amire, Istanbul, March 14 - May 2, 2003.

  • Vlassis Caniaris, Whatever people want... / Vlasis Caniaris: Give the people what they want..., Greek Culture Foundation, New York, May-June 2003.

  • Picture - writings. The Greek Group Visual Poetry 1981-2003, Hellenic American Union - Artspace " Milo ", Athens, 15-29 October 2003.

  • Vakirtzis Giorgos (1923-1988), National Gallery / Patras Municipal Gallery / Museum G. Katsigra (Larissa) / Vafopouleio Thessaloniki Cultural Centre / Museum Stratis Eleftheriadis (Mytilene) 2003.

  • Jason Molfesis, The Guillotine's Parade and Other Stories (1989 - 2005), Hellenic American Union, 11-25 January 2006.

  • The Awakening, Tinian Artists in the Transition from Folk to Intellectual. Cultural Foundation of Tinos, Tinos, April 2006.

  • Paraskevadis Yannis (1939 - 2004), Sea secret, Retrospective Exhibition, Technopolis City of Athens 'Gazi'; 1 - November 12, 2006

  • The Little Things, The Madonnas of the World, God is in the Details, St. Joseph Church, Jesuites' Monastery, Loutra, Tinos. August 2007

  • Vlassis Caniaris, Genethlion - Birthday, Benaki Museum, 17 December 2008 - March 2, 2009.

  • 10 Years, The Church of Greece in Europe, Representatives of the Church of Greece in Europe, Brussels, February 2009.

  • Thodoros Papayannis, My Ghosts, Benaki Museum, 29 March – 6 May 2012.

  • Kyriakos Katzourakis, Retrospective, Benaki Museum, May – July 2012.

  • Offering, Group exhibition, National Archeological Museum, 15 October – 15 December 2013.

  • Kostis Georgiou, Hortus Clausus, Benaki Museum, February 2014.

  • History-Irony, Art in the Post-dictatorial period, Vorres Museum, 2014.

  • Red, Municipal Theater of Piraeus, 2015.


Crysothemis Stamatopoulou-Vasilakou

Professor of History of Modern Greek Theatre at the Faculty of Theatre Studies of the University of Athens. Born in Athens in 1952, she graduated from the Collège Franco-Hellenique “Saint-Joseph” (1970). She studied both French and Greek Literature, graduated from the Faculty of French Language and Literature (1974) and the Faculty of Philology, Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies (1976) of the School of Philosophy of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Graduated also from the Department of Library Science of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens (1984), she has attended postgraduate courses on Documentation and Information Studies at the Department Infodoc of Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) (1990 – 1991). In 1991 she was nominated Doctor of Philology with honours at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Athens for her PhD thesis titled “The History of the Greek Theatre in Constantinople during the 19th century”. (915 p.)


Her academic interests focus mainly on:

  • History of Modern Greek Theatre and Drama in the 19th and the 20th centuries

  • Greek Theatre and Drama in Constantinople and Asia Minor in the 19th and 20th centuries

  • Theatre of Greek Diaspora

  • Modern Greek Actors: History and biography

  • Greek Comedy of the 19th century

  • Specific topics on theatre bibliography and documentation


As academic member of the Faculty of Theatre Studies since 1995, she has offered many courses both in undergraduate and postgraduate levels and has supervised a great number of diplomate and postgraduate dissertations, including PhD thesis at the Universities of Athens, Crete, Cyprus, Peloponnese, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences and Harokopio University of Athens. She also teaches, as tutor professor, modern Greek theatre in the program “Studies on Greek Civilization” of Hellenic Open University (2012–2017).

She has participated in several conferences and she has given many lectures in Scientific and Cultural Societies.

She has authored 13 books including monographs and edited volumes (as a sole author or/and main editor). Moreover, more than 80 articles and studies of hers are published in scientific journals, literary magazines, collective volumes and conference proceedings. She has also supervised five publications for the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Department of Theatre Studies of the University of Peloponnese, during the period 2006 – 2009.

She has been member of the Academic Board of Directors of the University of Peloponnese (2004-2009), member of the Administrative Board of the National Audiovisional Archives (2005-2010), Vice President of the Faculty of Theatre Studies of the University of Athens (2011-2013), Director of the Program of Post-Graduate Studies of the Faculty of Theatre Studies since 2016. She has also participated as president or member at several Committees of the Greek Ministry of Education and as a member at the Supervisory Council of the Central Library of the School of Philosophy of the University of Athens up to the present.



A. She has published as author the following volumes:

  1. The Greek Theatre in Constantinople during the 19th century: History, repertory, theatrical companies, actors, theatres. Vol. A. Society “New Cycle of Greeks from Constantinople”, Athens, 1994. 455 p.; 24 cm.

  2. The Greek Theatre in Constantinople: The performances. Vol. B. Society “New Cycle of Greek from Constantinople”, Athens, 1996. 572 p.; 24 cm.

  3. The history of the Greek Actors' Society: 1917 – 1997. With the collaboration of a team of theatrologists, Sbilias Publications, Athens, 1999. 619 p.; 28 cm.

  4. Greek theatrical playbills of Constantinople: 1876-1900: A contribution to bibliography of theatrical programs of 19th century. E.L.I.A., Athens, 1999. 218 p.; 24 cm.

  5. The archive of Rallou Manou's Choreodrama: Her life and activities. With the collaboration of a team of theatrologists, Ephesos Publications and Faculty of Theatre Studies, Athens, 2005. 568 p.; 30 cm.

  6. The Theatre of the Greek Communities in the Near East: Constantinople – Smyrne: Eight Studies. Polytropon Publications, Athens, 2006, 2nd ed. 2010. 462 p.; 24 cm.

  7. Vassilis Mesologhitis: Litterateur, actor, syndicalist: His life and activities. Papazissis Publications, Athens, 2010. 588 p.; 30 cm.

  8. (Forthcoming) Extensive annotated Greek bibliography of theatrical plays, dialogues and monologues: 1900-1940 (it will be published in 2017 by Urani's Foundation of Academy of Athens, in the series “Theatrical Library”/Supervisor Professor Walter Puchner). 2 vols.

B. She has also edited the following volumes:

  1. Gedeon, Manouil. Αποσημειώματα χρονογράφου, Μνεία των προς εμού, Πατριαρχικαί εφημερίδες, Ιστορία των του Χριστού πενήτων: Indexes. Edition collaborated with Dimitra Pikramenou. Centre of Neohellenic Research of the National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens, 1979. 130p; 24 cm.

  2. Puchner, Walter. The reception of French dramaturgy in modern Greek theatre: 17th - 20th century: A first global approach. Ellinika Grammata, Athens, 1999. 219 p.; 24 cm.

  3. Ten years of the Faculty of Theatre Studies: 1990 – 2000. Faculty of Theatre Studies, University of Athens, Ergo, Athens, 2001. 436 p.; 28 cm.

  4. Scientific and Educational Lectures of the academic year 2004 – 2005. Department of Theatre Studies, Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Peloponnese, Nafplion, 2006. 227 p.; 24 cm.

  5. Theatre in education: Theory and practice: Proceedings of scientific meetings. Edition collaborated with Asterios Tsiaras, Department of Theatre Studies, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Peloponnese, Papazissis Publications, Athens, 2007. 255 p.; 24 cm.

  6. (Fortcoming) The actress Helen Chalkoussi: Her life and activities (will be published in 2017).


Research activities

A. She has completed as scientific leader seven (7) research projects mainly funded by the Research Committee of the University of Athens.

  1. Greek bibliography of one act plays of the 19th century” (1995 – 1996).

  2. Greek bibliography of one act plays of the 20th century” (1997 – 1998).

  3. The activity of Greek Actors' Society: 1917-1997” (Greek Ministry of Civilization and Greek Actors' Society) (1997 – 1998).

  4. The Greek theatre in Asia minor till 1922” (1999 – 2001).

  5. Rallou Manou's Archive” (University of Athens and Academy of Athens) (1999 – 2002).

  6. Greek bibliography of theatrical plays: 1900 – 1940” (2005 – 2008).

  7. Greek actors and their activities as writers: 19th – 20th century” (2006 – 2008).

B. She has also participated in the following completed research programmes, as member of the Scientific Committee:

  1. Bibliography of Greek theatrology 1900 – 2005”, funded by the European Programme “Pythagoras I” ΕΠΕΑΕΚΙΙ. (2003 – 2007).

  2. Organisation, digitization and documentation of the National Theatre's Archives”, funded by the European Programme “Information Society” (2006 – 2008).

  3. Participation in the Research Program: “Chrysallis: Cultural transfer and national character in nineteenth century Greek periodicals”. (Scientific leader, Professor Anna Tabaki). Head of research group for the sub-project “The reception of theatre genres (authors, ideological and aesthetic currents, drama theory): poetic theatre, prose theatre and music theatre”. Funded by the European Programme “Thales” for Excellence Research (2012 – 2015).



Anna Tabaki

(Head of the Department)

Professor of Theatre studies and a Guest Researcher at the Department (former Centre) for Neohellenic Research of the National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRS). She graduated from the ‘‘Collège Franco-Hellénique Jeanne D’Arc’’ High School. She has studied Greek and French Literature at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Holding a postgraduate scholarship of the French government, she specialized in the fields of French, Comparative and Modern Greek Literature (Université de Clermont II [=Université Blaise Pascal], Paris IV-Sorbonne). A student of C.Th. Dimaras at the Neohellenic Institute (Sorbonne) and “Alexander S. Onassis’’ scholarship recipient, she obtained her Ph.D. in History and Civilization at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (Paris). Formerly a Researcher at the Centre for Neohellenic Research (1980-2000), she is now DNR (Department of Neohellenic Research) Guest Researcher. She had taught history of Modern Greek Theatre (1995-2000) at the Faculty of Theatre Studies (University of Patras). In 1999 she was elected Associate Professor, and in 2004 full Professor, at the Faculty of Theatre Studies of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She was a coordinator of two programmes of Academic and Research Excellence: I. Thalis, 2012-2015, ‘‘Chrysallis – Cultural transfer and ‘national character’ in nineteenth century Greek periodicals’’, and ΙΙ. Excellence II, 2014-2015: ‘‘ARCH Archival Research and Cultural Heritage: The Theatre Archive of Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio’’.

She is interested in comparative literature, with special emphasis on history of ideas, on translation issues, on comparative dramatology and on the history of the Modern Greek theatre during the 18th and 19th centuries. She was also interested for a long time on the history of periodical press (19th c.). She has authored (or co-authored) 24 books, either monographs or edited volumes, and about 150 articles, book-reviews and essays in renowned Greek and international academic journals (e.g. Études Balkaniques, Revue des Études Sud-Est Européennes, Synthésis, Neohelicon, Studies on Voltaire and the 18th century, Journal of Modern Greek Studies). She has presented numerous papers in international conferences, university lectures and she has organized seminars, roundtables and symposia in Greece and abroad. She has participated in the exchange programme between the Athens-based NHRF and the Paris-based CNRS as well as in international academic networks, such as the European Science Foundation and the Association Internationale de Littérature comparée.

Selected publications

  • Mολιέρος στη φαναριώτικη παιδεία. Tρεις χειρόγραφες μεταφράσεις (Moliere in Phanariot culture. Three manuscripts translations), Athens, CNR/NHRF, 1988, 246 p.

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Gogo Varzelioti

She serves in the Department of Theatre Studies asan assistant professor. Awarded with a scholarship from the Academy of Athens, she conducted her PhD thesesas a fellow at the Hellenic Institute of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Studies of Venice. The theses was published in 2011 by the Hellenic Institute of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Studies of Venice (Cretan Comedy and everyday life: The relation between stage image and society in the Venetian ruled Candia, Athens-Venice 2011). She worked at the Academy of Athens Research Centre for Medieval and Modern Hellenism as a collaborator in a research program (2004-2009) and she conducted archival researches in Greece and in Italy. She has participated in national and international conferences in Greece and abroad, she has published papers in scientific journals and volumes, and has edited several scholarly books with historical and theatrological interest. She is also the editor of the Academic Journal of the Department of Theatre Studies of the University of Athens Parabasis. Her research interests include the investigation of theatre history in the Frankish and Venetian ruled areas of the Greek region (Crete, Ionian Islands, Aegean Sea, 16th-18th century) as well as its archival documentation, the reception of theatrical texts of the era and their examination in comparison to their contemporary European drama. She is also interested in the study of the social and cultural aspects in the Latin-ruled areas of the Greek region and their association with the theatrical texts, the theatre in Venice between the 16th and 18th centuries, the everyday life in Venetian ruled Crete, the publication of historical sources etc.