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Aikaterini Diamantakou

Assistant Professor


Office 916, 9th floor, School of Philosophy

Office Hours: Tuesday and Friday, 12:00-14:00

Phone: 210-7277652  

E-mail: diamcat[at]theatre.uoa[dot]gr

Web: http://uoa.academia.edu/KaitiDiamantakou

Aikaterini (Kaiti) Diamantakou graduated with honors from the Department of Literature (Classic Literature modules,1989) and the Department of Theatre Studies (1996) of the Philosophy Faculty of the University of Athens, where she finished –with the financial support of the State Scholarships Foundation—  her PhD in Classics in 1998 (dissertation: The Semiology of Space and Time in Aristophanes’ Theatre). In 2004 she became a lecturer in the Department of Theatre Studies of the Faculty of Philosophy in the University of Athens (scientific object: “Theatre Studies – Theory and Theatre Analysis of Ancient Greek Drama, with Special Emphasis on Ancient Greek Comedy”); a few years later, in 2008, she was promoted to the position of Adjunct Professor at the same Department, while she attained tenure in 2013.  

Her scientific interests focus on the history and theory of ancient theatre, on the specific dramatic forms and their particular theatrical codes, on the historical and social background that generated these works, on the reception of ancient drama in modern, Greek and international, dramaturgy and stage practice. Her educational and research work, her academic notices and her publications refer to those fields of interest. She has been teaching modules concerning “Theatre in the Antiquity” (the work of Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes, Menander, Plautus, Terentius, Seneca) in the University undergraduate program, and modules on “Ancient Theatre and its Reception” in the postgraduate program. She has collaborated in the research program “Semele: Creation of Data Base about Ancient Theatre” (EPEAEK- Pythagoras II) and she has also carried out an individual research program on the “Metamorphoses of ancient Greek drama in the modern Greek drama of the period 1974-2009 (KAPODISTRIAS, 2009-2010).


  1. On Tragedy and Trugedy. Eight Interpretative Ways through Tragic and Comic Theatre [in Greek], Ed. Papazisis, Athens, 2007
  2. In the Ancient Greek Hinterland. Introduction to the Semiology of Space and Time in Aristophanes’ Theatre [in Greek] Ed. Kardamitsa, Athens, 2007.
  3. Tassos Lignades: Theatre Reviews – Ancient Drama (1975-1989) [in Greek], edited by Kaiti Diamantakou-Agathou, with an Introduction (pp. 7-61), Kostas and Eleni Ourani Foundation, Athens, 2013.

Recent Publications

-       “Theodors Terzopoulos, ‘Attis’ and Ancient Greek Tragedy: The conquer of supra-culturality” [in Greek], Θεατρογραφίες/Theatrographies, No. 18  (2013) 125-134.

-        “Euripides versus Aristophanes, Ion versus Birds: A possibility of “paracomic” referentiality, Mediterranean Chronicle Vol. 2 (2012),  15-29.

-       Entries “Αristophanes”, “Tragicomedy”, “Comedy”, “Parabasis”, “Parody” in Savvas Gogos, Kyriaki Petrakou, Dictionary of Ancient Theatre [in Greek], Ed. Militos, Athens, 2012, 52-62, 168-169, 190-204, 254-259, 265-269. 

-       “Ancient and Modern Greek heroes talking alone on stage: Towards the autonomy of monologicity” in Brigita Aleksejeva, Ojārs Lāms, Ilze Rūmniece (eds),  Hellenic Dimension. Materials of the Riga 3rd International Conference of Hellenic Studies, University of Latvia, Faculty of Humanities, Chair of Classical Studies, Centre for Hellenic Studies, Latvia, 2012, 226-234.

-       “Old Comedy on Ancient Actors: Speculations on an Odd and Unexpected Discrimination”, Logeion. A Journal of Ancient Theatre, Department of Theatre Studies of the University of Patras – University Press of Crete, vol. 1 (2011), 121-144.

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